The Beca style bracelet

Three chain bracelet each segment connected to the next with a gem of choice. Gem in image is Emerald. The charm is removable, leaving behind a sterling silver ring which can be worn as is but also allows wearer to add any other charm they wish.

  • hand made, hand crafted
  • fine and sterling silver, Emeralds


This three chain bracelet was designed for a commission, read the story of the Beca  here

The basic design may be commissioned but an exact copy will not be available to other purchasers.

A variety of fine silver charms are available on my site. If you do not see one you would like, please ask. Most charms are made to order.

The bracelet is five sections of three sterling silver chains, connected at 4 points with the clients choice of gemstone. The charm is removable, allowing the bracelet to be worn without the charm or for an alternative charm to be connected.


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